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What We Do

When Mediarama are approached to build a website for a client, we do so much more than build it. We carefully plan out what they need to manage their business marketing efficiently. Clients are able to have full control of their website by using our easy step by step method of managing articles, adding pictures, media, documents, audio, custom forms and more, all from the one simple dashboard area.


We are committed

Our commitment to local businesses is seen by our level of service, we go above and beyond every time. We are excited about the future of local businesses in Gympie and are here to support them with the highest quality services.


We are passionate

We get passionate about your business and want your business to succeed. We listen and find out where you want to take your business and help create the tools to get you there.

We offer a Complete service

We offer clients a full service, whether their business requires a complete branding identity or a custom online solution, we are able to provide successful outcomes that will work.


We Future proof websites

We believe that in the next few years hand held devices will over take desktop computers, that’s why we ensure that all of our clients’ websites load responsively on smart phones and tablets, no longer will you need to have a separate site built to suit these devices.


We Create Easy Self Managed Websites

We have spent years refining our websites to be easily managed by our clients. We use a CMS (Content Management System) called WordPress which is a very powerful CMS used by some of the most successful businesses worldwide. We have simplified WordPress with the end user in mind by taking out the confusion and creating a simple step by step method of managing your website, even the most novice computer user is able to use it. We provide free ongoing support and training.


We build unbreakable websites

Did you know that most visitors will stay on a website for less than a minute, having an impressive website that is content rich will help keep them on your site longer. We go to great length to ensure that each of our websites will look good and perform well long after we finish building them. By creating them to have a set design theme that cannot be broken accidentally when updating articles and images, your site will appear the way it was designed to look and impress your customers when they visit your site.


We Use Social Networking To Drive Traffic

Many businesses are unaware of the advantages of using social media for their business and miss out on reaping the benefits. Social media can reach millions of people all around the world and can target particular groups of people with your products or services. There are many free sites such as Facebook or Twitter that offer businesses an opportunity to showcase what they do and are fast and easy to use. We can set up business pages that can be linked in with your website so that people can share what they are reading about your business with other people and in return will help to grow popularity for your business.